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Purtier Placenta 6th Edition (60 cap X 7 box)


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  • Introduce to  you the 6th edition of Purtier Placenta…
  • If you have read from product introduction on Purtier Placenta Edition 5, you would have know what Purtier Placenta could do for your body.
  • Purtier Placenta 6th edition food supplement has maintained it’s nutritional value of 10,000mg of Deer Placenta in every bottle of 60 capsules. The ratio of  50:1 concentration is improved to 100:1 concentration, an amazing breakthrough by scientists who created Purtier Placenta! This made Purtier Placenta capsules smaller and easier to swallow.
  • Purtier Placenta 5th edition is inclusive of 10 ingredients naming deer placenta, dendrobium, squalene, lycopene oil, xanthone, marine collagen, borage oil, evening primrose oil, avocado oil and aloe vera. 
  • The new edition of Purtier Placenta 6th Edition is now improved and with 2 extra ingredients, with an added encapsulation technology of biosoftgel (a layer of gelatin-based shell surrounding a liquid fill).
  • Purtier Placenta 6th Edition is now with 12 ingredients: 
  • Deer placenta, NucleiClavem™ by Riway International, apple polyphenol, fucoidan extract, dendrobium, evening primrose oil, marine collagen peptides, avocado oil, squalene, borage oil, aloe vera extract, and lycopene. 

PURTIER Placenta is formulated using carefully chosen fresh deer placenta which is rich in nutrients and active live cells. New Zealand is specially selected as the origin production country of PURTIER Placenta as it is widely known to be one of the least polluted places on earth. According to scientists, one of the most important functions of the unique components of fresh deer placenta is to strengthen the body immune system. Strong immune system plays a crucial role in promoting longevity, and enable every cells, organs and body to remain in their optimal health condition.

PURTIER Placenta is a product of high technology, which includes Freeze-Drying Technology, Nitrogen-Filled Technology, Enteric-Coated Technology and Emulsification Technology, to ensure that its active factors are easily absorbed by the body and produce the best effect. The PURTIER Placenta Fifth Edition capsule is a breakthrough of current technology limitation, containing 10,000 mg of Deer Placenta, and is made up of a 100:1 high concentration ratio, to ensure the effective absorption of nutrients in the body.

PURTIER Placenta sixth Edition consist of 12 precious ingredients.  A perfect formula with double efficacy.

PURTIER Placenta is the result of 15 years of relentless scientific research and development by leading clinical and laboratory research in New Zealand.

Richer, better and healthier. The ultimate care that reverse the aging process.

What is Purtier Placenta?

Purtier Placenta is a live cell therapy that contains deer stem cells that can differentiate to other cells to rejuvenate the body. It also encapsulates many other youthful ingredients to protect, repair and rejuvenate the body's tissues and organs to keep a person 'young'.

How does Purtier Placenta work?

Purtier Placenta contains live cells that can impart their vigor to worn out adult cells. They also contain many growth factors and enzymes, which drives a fetus to grow. Stem/fetal cells divide and multiply at a rate 100 times that of normal adult cells.

Purtier Placenta capsule also contains many bioactive nutrients that provide the necessary building blocks needed for cell multiplication and rejuvenation, such as amino-acids, phospholipids, etc.

What is Live Cell Therapy?

In the past, many rich and famous personalities go to Switzerland for placenta (Sheep) injections. These are done in exclusive clinics and cost anything starting from USD30,000. The results are dramatic. These placentas are usually fresh and sterilized and frozen for injection. The shelf life of these placentas is rather short.

With improved manufacturing techniques, it is now possible to freeze-dry the placenta to preserve the cells and that they remain "live" even 3-4 years later as long as it is stored correctly.

We are living beings and must consume live elements like the eagle, rather than feed off dead carcasses like vultures.

How does Purtier Placenta compare to placenta injections?

Giving placenta injections must be under medical supervision as complications can occur such as allergic shock and sometimes sepsis.

The original Swiss placenta injections are tailored to the individual.

Purtier Placenta has the same dramatic effects and the results differ from person to person depending on their health status.

People who go for injections normally go for repeat injections every few years, as the results will wear-off. An oral Purtier Placenta will be good to maintain the effects for these people and they may not need to go for repeat injections or delay their next trip to Switzerland.

What about human placenta injections?

They're some preparations of human placenta available by injection. Some people have reported fantastic results. There is a preparation from Japan. But in reality, which civilized country, will allow its human placenta or its own blood and flesh to be commercialized? The source of the placenta is questionable and probably from under-privileged countries. Human diseases can also be transmitted by such injections.

How are the macronutrients in Purtier Placenta absorbed?

Micronutrients are easily absorbed.

In the manufacturing process there is also a special emulsifying process, which enables larger molecules to be absorbed. For instance, with complete enteral nutrition, the preparation is emulsified so larger nutrients can be absorbed via the chlyomicron /bile pathway, For instance the normal GI pathway via the blood absorption peptide chains of only 15-30 amino acids long can be absorbed, but via the chylomicron /bile pathway peptides up to 300 amino-acid long can be absorbed.

In deer placenta there are many small peptides that represent many growth enzymes that drive growth and these are absorbed.

Some peptides on HPLC detection columns are similar to growth factors in the adult human, and are juvenile growth factors.

Does it cause cancer?

There are always concerns that animal products may contain hormones and thus drive and promote cancer. Firstly Purtier Placenta is tested negative for sex steroids (testosterone, estrogen, progesterone) and free of commercial steroids (prednisolone, hydrocortisone, cortisone etc.)

Furthermore the cause of cancer in most cases are unknown. Some say it is more of a mutation (i.e. virus, radiation) of the genes than activation of the mutated cancer genes by stimulants such as steroids.

Some hormone-related cancers are also not clear-cut, For instance, some breast cancer has estrogen receptors and some don't.

Some cancer treatment involves boosting the immune system, and deer placenta in rejuvenating the body helps to boost the immune system.

If I am on HRT will it be okay to take Purtier PLacenta?

There is no hard and fast rule, and it depends on the individual. Generally there is no problem to take Purtier Placenta while on HRT therapy as it is hormone-free and may also help menopausal symptoms.

Purtier Placenta is after all a food supplement.

How is useful for menopausal women and can we replace it with HRT?

Menopause is a result of a women aging. The reproductive system that has its regular cycles of hormonal changes comes to a stop. Generally, women experiencing menopause will benefit from Purtier Placenta and have less symptoms such as flushing, vaginal dryness etc. The placenta also contains small peptides that resemble juvenile hormones and thereby able to regulate the reproductive system that results from hormonal deficiency associated with menopause.

We do not recommend that you necessarily need to come off HRT once you are on Purtier Placenta, but some women who have taken Purtier Placenta have done so and find that it is equally as good. Furthermore with the recent clinical data showing increased risk of cancer and cardiovascular disease with conventional HRT, many women are turning to alternatives such as Placenta and phyto-estrogens.

Do I take it life-long?

You're encouraged to do so especially if you find it beneficial. Moreover, there is no known side effects with prolonged intake.

Do I need to continue my other supplements?

Purtier Placenta is a supplement that speeds up the body rejuvenation. But if you feel there is also a need to take other supplement you may do so.

I am already taking so many supplements, so how?

Purtier Placenta offers a benefit that supplements don't and that is renewal and rejuvenation to make your body healthy and feel younger.

Why do we need Purtier placenta?

The moment we are born we start to age. Believe it or not, we were made to live 120 years, but because of the lifestyle we live, our dietary habits, pollution and the stresses of modern living, we experience aging and disease prematurely.

A lot of these lifestyle factors generate free-radicals which damages cells and tissues and this is a prominent theory to aging. Purtier Placenta contains not only antioxidants to prevent the free radical damage of cells, but also has the ingredients in the live cells to rejuvenate the damage and worn-out cells and tissues.

How is the deer placenta obtained?

The deer placenta live cells are extracted from the afterbirth and there is no sacrifice of deer life. These cells are then freeze-dried to preserve them.

How does it compare to nutritional powders that supposedly cause the pituitary to secrete Growth Hormone?

Nutritional formulas contain fat, carbohydrates and proteins; and also minerals and vitamins.

There is no concrete data to show that it helps promote long-term secretion of GH from the pituitary. In any case any nutritional supplement will do that as essentially all nutrients are broken down into its basic components for absorption in the tract. Protein intake of any sort is also known to stimulate secretion of GH as it is part of the anabolic process.

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