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INTRA Lifestyle leading Botanical Nutritional 950ml(EXP 10/2016)

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Intra is a NATURAL BOTANICAL SUPPLEMENT that provides your body with all the goodness your ancestors enjoyed from their diets. Think of it as Mother Nature’s best ingredients helping to correct the imbalances caused by today’s hectic lifestyle.

Intra blends Traditional Wisdom – documented for at least 3000 years – with Modern Science providing a FOOD SUPPLEMENT which promotes good health.

Intra combines knowledge of the powerful effects that herbs, plants, roots, tree bark, leaves and flowers (the botanicals) can have on human well-being - with advanced science, to create a NUTRITIONAL SUPPLEMENT geared to today’s lifestyle.

Intra’s time-tested and trusted botanicals give you the phytonutrients (plant-based nutrients) and antioxidants missing from your diet. As a NATURAL FOOD SUPPLEMENT Intra’s precise formula of 23 botanical extracts work better together than each one individually, to provide your body with the balance it needs for a state of health and well being. The human body is comprised of eight individual systems which must be kept healthy and working together in order for the body to experience optimal health.

1.A great tasting, fruit juice-based drink suitable for all ages
2.Also available in convenient capsule form (2 capsules = 1 oz liquid)
3.Can be taken at any time when convenient, with or without food
4.The level of Intra you use depends on your personal needs – up to 168ml or 6 oz/day
5.Daily use of Intra supports the concept of health promotion – doing small things daily that help keep the body strong and healthy throughout life
6.The key to Intra’s effectiveness is the synergistic effect, whereby the multiple herbs in a blended formulation work together to produce a greater benefit than any one of the individual components on their own
7.The key to Intra’s effectiveness is the synergistic effect, whereby the multiple herbs in a blended formulation work together to produce a greater benefit than any one of the individual components on their own
8.It is backed by a 30 – day money back guarantee
9.Intra has been distributed and used safely since 1992 in more than 20 countries around the world.
10.Intra has a proven record of safety and effectiveness, with millions of satisfied customers.

8 Biological Systems

Digestive & Energy
The botanicals in Intra help you digest foods better, so your body can use the nutrients more effectively to build and nourish cells, while providing the energy you need to live a more vigorous life. Primary botanicals: Aloe vera gel, Siberian ginseng root, Licorice root, Chinese pearl barley, Chicory root, Dandelion root, German chamomile, Alfalfa, Fenugreek seed, Bee pollen, Ginger root Secondary botanicals: Chinese rose hips, Juniper berries

Eliminative / Antioxidant
The ingredients in Intra help rid your body of wastes produced in the digestive process and through a normal metabolism. They help your body get rid of more of the toxins that enter our bodies through our food, drink, and the environment, while neutralizing free-radicals with antioxidiants. Primary botanicals: Aloe vera gel, Chinese pearl barley, Schisandra berry, Chicory root, Dandelion root, Cascara bark, Juniper berries, Celery seed Secondary botanicals: Astragalus root, Chinese rose hips, Sarsaparilla

Structural (Musculoskeletal)
Ingredients in Intra help keep your bones, muscles, joints, and connective tissue healthy; protecting the delicate organs in your body and allowing you to stand tall and move freely. Primary botanicals: Ginger root, Sarsaparilla, Capsicum Secondary botanicals: none

Hormonal (Endocrine)
The ingredients in Intra have the ability to modulate the functioning of glands that release chemicals, which eventually control and help balance every other system in our bodies. Primary botanicals: Astragalus root Secondary botanicals: Siberian ginseng root, Reishi mushroom, Fenugreek seed, Celery seed

The botanicals in Intra reinforce your body’s natural ability to protect itself. Primary botanicals: Licorice root, Astragalus root, Reishi mushroom, Chinese rose hips, Thyme Secondary botanicals: Aloe vera gel, Siberian ginseng root, Schisandra berry, Chicory root

The ingredients in Intra support the coordination of your brain, spinal cord, and the network of nerves that thread throughout your entire body. Primary botanicals: Siberian ginseng root, Astragalus root, Passion flower Secondary botanicals: German chamomile, Thyme

The botanicals in Intra help balance hormones, leading to a healthy reproductive system. Primary botanicals: Pipsissewa Secondary botanicals: Fenugreek seed, Ginger root

Intra’s botanicals support a healthy cardiovascular system, including maintaining a healthy cholesterol level. Primary botanicals: Reishi mushroom, Chinese pearl barley Secondary botanicals: Chicory root, Alfalfa

Just an ounce a day of Intra – used as a natural food supplement- helps nourish body cells and provide essential plant-based nutrients which are no longer available from our modern food supply.

This precise formulation of 23 time-tested and trusted botanical extracts provide antioxidants, flavonoids, lignins, polysaccharides and other health enhancing nutrients specific to each herbal extract.

Intra® Herbal Ingredients:
Alfafa, Aloe, Astralagus Root, Bee Pollen, Capsicum Fruit, Cascara Bark, Celery Seed, Chicory, Chinese Pearl Barley, Dandelion, Fenugreek, German Chamomile, Ginger Root, Juniper Berry, Licorice Root, Passion Flower, Pipsissewa, Reishi Mushroom, Rose Hips, Sarsaparilla, Schisandra Berry, Siberian Ginseng, Thyme.

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