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Evelle - for Skin Hair and Nails 60 Tablets


Evelle works from the inside to give you a

healthy skin

  • Bio-Marine Complex - is known to nourish and hydrate skin by providing the building block for collagen production.
  • Pycnogenol - is a superior antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. It binds to and protect collagen and elastin. It also stimulates skin microcirculation.
  • SelenoPrecise - is a patended source of selenium, unique for its high content of organically bound selenium securing high bioavailablity. It is an anti-oxidant known to protect the skin cells from UV-induced damage, DNA oxidation, maintenance of normal hair and nails. (approved by efsa)
  • Micronutrient and plant extracts isoflavanoids provides important nutrition to the skin.

Why Oral Skin Supplement?

The multi-layer and keratinized texture of our skin offers protection against various physical and environmental insult and damage. Our skin is also able to block the access of even the tiniest bacteria. Because of this, the skin is almost impermeable to any foreign and external particles. Perhaps, this is one reason why most topical application works only on the outside. Although topical creams and lotions provide a good "cover-up", the effect is lost almost immediately when the cream and lotion are wiped off. Even though most external cosmetic applications may come with excellent active ingredients intended to enhance skin appearance, it would be pointless if they are not absorbed beyond our epidermis.

Oral skin supplementation, on the other hand, provides a better and more efficient path to deliver these nutrients and active ingredients into our blood stream and all the way into our skin where they get to work their magic.

How Oral Skin Supplement Work?

Oral skin supplementation work by delivering nutrients and active ingredients to where they are intended to be - our skin. When oral skin supplementation is consumed, its active ingredients will be released and absorbed into our blood stream where they then reach the skin for their full effect. With oral skin supplementation, what you get is inner beauty that works from inside out.

Who May Benefits From Evelle?

  • Patients aged more that 40 years-old.
  • Patients with degenerative skin conditions.
  • Patients with skin showing sign of malnutrition - dryness, elasticity, roughness.
  • Patients with skin pigmentation.
  • Patients with problematic skin.

Evelle, was tested on 62 women in a clinical study for a period of 12 weeks. Patients who were given Evelle had significantly smoother and more elastic skin than those who took identical "dummy" pills with inactive substance.

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