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Bodecoder Human Body Composition Analyzer

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? Body composition analyzer which is regarded as a landmark achievements in health industry: weight loss health management system is your health consultant, it provide independent health analysis data for each test.


? Body composition analyzer method, measuring body composition, weight, obesity, physical age, basal metabolism, muscle mass, presumption of bone volume, body fat rate, visceral fat levels and exercise patterns can be accurate to the hands and feet or so all the health index respectively, effectively indicate the guest's body health.


Brief introduction :
The key point of weight loss is to lose the redundant body fat, so it is very important for measurement body fat. In fact, management the body composition is very important for weight loss and fitness, this machine not only can manage total body fat and BMI, but also the visceral fat, skeletal muscle, total body water, bone mineral content and basal metabolism. The machine can be the expert for your successful weight loss.




1.For Physical Health :


More and more people have realized that the key to maintaining good health is to prevent, and maintain balance of body composition is the basic means of disease prevention. Efforts to make the body fat, muscle, bone, particularly the ratio of water to maintain the healthy range, to make co-operation with the function of the human body. On the basis, you can specify program of nutritional intake and the exercise, and quit the bad habit before.



2.For Beauty Care :

Most of the ladies love the cosmetics to keep their skin moist, and ignore their body water. In fact, skin is the body’s largest organ store water, If the body water is sufficient, the skin is not prone to be dry or dull. The human body fat and the muscle content is the key factor to be determine to keep plenty of water. So keeping your body composition balance is very helpful to let your skin beauty and your body great sharp.



3.For The Adolescent Monitoring :

Before the age of 16, the amount of body cells increase, after the age of 16, the amount of body cells are stable, and just the volume of cells changes. Therefore, for the adolescent, it is necessary to maintain adequate nutrition to ensure their development, also control the number of fat cells increasing. The best way is to keep their body fat percentage at normal levels. Meanwhile, to keep the balance of others body composition, including the muscle, water and bone mineral content, is so important to the children growth.


4.Feature and Display :

Minimum show weight: 0.1kg unit
Body fat percentage: 0.1% unit
Body water percentage: 0.1% unit
Index of visceral fat: 0.1unit
BMI: 0.1 units
Result classification: lower/low/standard/high/higher
Maximum load weight: 150kg
BMR: 1 kcal unit
Skeletal muscle ratio: 0.1% unit



5.Data applications :

Detect results storage: each bar one group/day
Each user database can store data: 180 days to see
The history time-points for comparison: 1,3,15,30,90,180 days
Automatically calculate the difference of current body weight and the history’s


6.Personal information settings

Number of entries: 4
Gender: Male/Female
Height: 100.00cm-210.00cm, 0.5cm unit



7.Weight accuracy

Relative error of less than 1%



8.Display Screen

51mm×51mm LCD



9.Power supply

Rechargeable power supply



10.Constant current measurements

0.5 MA, 50 KHz



11.Life of Battery

About 6 months (AA manganese dry batteries-14500, at room temperature 25 degrees, measurement 4-6 times per day)

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