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Attain Shakes (420gm =14 servings)


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  • Attain® with CraveBlocker® Shake
  • Size: 10 servings Product No. 8992
    • Naturally reduces hunger cravings with patent pending CraveBlocker®
    • Blocks cravings by naturally suppressing the hunger signals that come from your stomach and your brain
    • Contains no caffeine, other stimulants or hormones.

                 What Makes It Different?
    Attain with patent-pending CraveBlocker® naturally addresses the root causes of hunger cravings and helps control them at the source.

    • Why Is That Important?
      Hunger cravings begin in one of two places: the stomach or the brain. The all-natural ingredients in CraveBlocker target the two sources of hunger cravings, helping you control your appetite so you can focus on losing weight without feeling hungry all the time.*

      It Works Because…
      The all-natural ingredients in CraveBlocker address the two sources of hunger cravings—your stomach and your brain.

      A proprietary combination of natural oat- and barley-derived beta-glucan and inulin fiber swells in your stomach, helping create a physical feeling of fullness that fights hunger cravings.

      Sights and smells can trigger hunger cravings in your brain. Using the power of natural whey protein isolates and potato protein extract, CraveBlocker promotes the release of cholecystokinin (CCK)—a hormone that tells your brain to turn off hunger cravings by inducing feelings of fullness and satisfaction.

      Because CraveBlocker contains no caffeine, stimulants, or hormones, Attain is a natural way to control hunger for everyone in the family.

      *Attain should not be used as a sole source of nutrition. Consult your physician before starting any diet plan.

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