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Tooth Polish [ fresh mint] 108gm


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The natural way

to add sparkle to your smile

Melaleucaís popular Whitening Tooth
use a different approach to
whitening smiles. Instead of just bleaching
stains, Whitening Tooth Polish permanently
removes them to naturally reveal a brighter,
cleaner smile. And the best part? Our
secret to whitening teeth doesnít come from
a lab- from a Papaya

Natural ingredients

for a naturally healthy smile

When it comes to controlling oral bacteria,
only Whitening Tooth Polish brings together
a unique combination of ingredients to prevent plaque, tartar, and gum disease for
a lifetime of healthy smiles.

The quest for

whiter smiles

As we get older, our teeth get darker. The key to a youthful, brilliant smile is effectively removing these stains to reveal whiter, stain-free teeth. Most tooth-whitening products rely on peroxide to bleach stains. Because peroxide is so harsh, frequent exposure to it wears away tooth enamel, compromising the strength of your teeth and leaving them painfully sensitive.

Uninvited Guests

in your mouth

There are more than 100 million bacteria in every drop of saliva. Many of these are harmless, but others cause serious health problems if left unchecked. Without controlling the bacteria in your mouth through proper brushing, this bacteria will cause: Tartar, Tooth Decay, Plaque Build Up, Periodontitis ,† Bad breath and gum disease



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