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MooGoo Full Cream 250ml

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Product Description

MooGoo Udder Cream -
This is a "creamier" version of the original Udder Cream moisturiser. It is designed to moisturise easily irritated skin using natural ingredients. The base oil of the cream is Sweet Almond Oil. This is high in the types of fatty acids needed for troubled skin. Also raw Coconut Oil which naturopaths often use as a skin
soothing oil. Other ingredients include unprocessed honey. The pH is balanced to the skin through the use of Apple Cider Vinegar. Naturally, the apple and honey give the cream a wonderful fragrance and there is no need for us to add any other fragrance.

Purified WaterShould we say Aqua?
Sweet Almond Oil.

High in the types of fatty acids needed for troubled skin.
Olive Oil.

Wonderfully healthy for the skin. So many good things it might be best to Google "Olive Oil Skin" instead. Greasy except when mixed within a cream like ours.
Olive Squalene

Squalene makes up a large part of the skin's own oil (sebum). Olive Squalene is the same oil, but derived from Olives, not animals. For dry skin,this Squalene helps replenishes our skin's own oil. There is so much written about Squalene along the lines of "miracle in a bottle", but we like the fact that it is non-greasy best. We also use a large percentage of this oil in our Anti-Ageing Face Cream as older skin produces less Squalene and replacing this helps maintain the oil balance of young skin.
Raw Coconut Oil.Naturopaths often suggest Raw Coconut Oil to soothe troubled and irritated skin. It has also been a popular home remedy for inflamed skin. It contains all sorts of nutrients that skin loves. However, alone we find it way too "oily". But mixed with the Udder Cream it brings all its benefits, without the oilyness.
Emulsifying WaxA plant based wax that allows the water and oils to stay together. And they said it could not be done.
Milk Protein.

Cognis researchfound that milk protein in a cream increased skin elasticity by around 20%compared to the same cream without. Skin elasticity ensures lines and wrinkles are minimized after any movement of the skin.

Dairy Allergies: Most people with milk allergies are allergic to Lactose in milk, not the protein. However, as with all natural products, they should be patch tested on a small area of skin first.
(Comfrey Root Active)

ComfreyRoot has long been known as a healing plant. Allantoin was identified as the part of the plant that performed this function and it has since been synthesised to make it more concentrated and effective. It has been termed a cell proliferant, hastening the growth of new healthy skin cells and tissue. Allantoin has been also termed a counter irritant as well as preventing lines and wrinkles by assisting in skin repair.

Aloe VeraMost people already know the healing and soothing benefits of Aloe Vera. We loved it before we made skin care, and we love it in our creams.
Vitamin EThis is considered an antioxidant superstar. Studies have shown it is bioavailable and protective for the skin. It functions to protect skin cells against free-radical damage and it is believed this can slow the aging process.
Apple Cider VinegarWe added this originally to lower the pH to that of the skin. But we also love the smell of the cream with this and honey.
Pasteurized HoneyWe initially added this because of the good effects for the skin. However, we love it most for the balance it gives to the Apple Cider Vinegar. A beautiful smelling cream without fragrance.
Gyceryl Caprylate and P-Ansic AcidNatural Emulsifier and Preservative
Guarsilk.A guar based skin conditioner which gives the skin a silky smooth finish.

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