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Miracle Super Wild Honey 515gm

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Miracle Super Wild honey, collected from the Han dynasty in the Malay Peninsula mountains, virgin forest in the PokokTualang tree hive hundred feet above the tree height, nest building in the trunk of the bifurcation;This mountain stretching hundreds of kilometers, sparsely populated, there is no industrial pollution, no vehicle emissions, the air fresh and clean, of course, is pure honey.It is the world's best honey, a natural active nutrition, ingredients with propolis, pollen, royal jelly, vitamins and minerals;Seven times higher than the raising effect of honey.Use ancient prescriptions adopted under the filter, no preservatives, no chemicals, no sugar.Miracle Super Wild honey, can enhance digestion, helps intestinal peristalsis, strengthen the immune system which is to promote the metabolism, restore the vigor, and to eliminate symptoms of menopause.Burnt, burns, cut wounds can use it to wipe on the wound can promote skin regeneration.


30g to 60 g per adult consumption , a day not more than 200g, 13g to 30 g for children consumption, not reconstituted with more than 50warm waterMiracle Super Wild honey can be used to brew fruit enzyme without alcohol content .I've seen and drunk a lot of enzymes, all with strong alcohol, girls who drank this will have face flushed, dizzy drowsiness; kids drink too much, they may get alcoholism.So if you want to drink enzyme, the one without taste of leaven and alcohol is the best choice;hereby is the prescription to prepare enzyme without taste of leaven and alcohol

1Fruit Enzyme

Fruit 600g, Miracle Super Wild honey 1050g, Miracle Organic Brewed Brown Rice Vinegar 750ml.Dry the washed fruit, cut, put into a clean bottle, add brown rice vinegar, coverA week later, add honey, one more week, open the bottle, stir the honey and vinegar , diluted with water to drink; each time the amount of 30cc to 60cc.

2Herbs enzymes

Herbs 200g, Miracle Super Wild honey 1050g, Miracle Organic Brewed brown rice vinegar 750ml.Wash the herbs with brown rice vinegar or rice wine , put herbs into a clean glass bottles, then the brown rice vinegar, cover15 days later, add honey, another 15 days, open the bottle, mix well, remove a certain amount of diluted drink.


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