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Miracle Selected Wild Honey 515gm

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Miracle Selected Wild Honey 

Miracle Selected Wild Honeycollects from Peninsular Malaysia Tahan Mountain aboriginal forest.

Miracle Selected Wild Honey is asweet and viscous fluid produced by bees from the nectar of flowers.

Benefitsof Miracle Selected Wild Honey:

Easily digested

Sugar molecules in MiracleSelected Wild Honey can convert into other form of sugars (e.g. fructose toglucose), Miracle Selected Wild Honey can easily digested by the most sensitivestomach. It helps kidneys and intestines to function better.

Has a low calorie level:

Another benefit of MiracleSelected Wild Honey is that, when it is compared with the same amount of sugar,it gives 40% less calories to the body. Although it gives great energy to thebody, it does not add weight.

Rapidly diffuses through the blood:

When Miracle Selected Wild Honeyaccompanied by mild water, it diffuses into the bloodstream in 7 minutes. Itsfree sugar molecules make the brain function better since brain is the largestorgan that consumes most of the sugar in our body, thus Miracle Selected WildHoney can help us to reduces fatigue.

Supports blood formation:

Miracle Selected Wild Honey playsan important role in blood formation. In addition, it also purifies blood andit has some positive effects in regulating and facilitating blood circulation.It also functions as a protection against capillary problems andarteriosclerosis.

Miracle Selected Wild Honey isand ideal ingredient match with Miracle Selected Wild Honey to produce enzyme;by adding fruit is then produce fruit enzyme, and if adding Chinese herbal isthen produce Chinese herbal enzyme.

Ideal use amount for adult is100G, children are 30G and infant less than 12 month is not suitable to consumewith any honey.

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