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Miracle Organic Brewed Plum Vinegar 375ml

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Plum vinegar is made by fermentation of organic plum.Plum is the fruit of Rosaceous;when the fruit is mature to pick,its color is green so called as green plum;plum is a green fruit,containing citric acid, tannic acid, tartaric acid and other acids;raw food can avoid thirst, improve appetite.

Plum vinegar contains a variety of organic acids, vitamins, minerals, flavonoids and basic care necessary for the body material;One of 8 contained threonine amino acids and flavonoids, is conducive to human protein composition and normal metabolic function,prevent the emergence of cardiovascular and other diseases,therefore, so people assume it's the king of healthy food.

Blood in human body should be weak alkaline,if people eat too much lavish meals,insufficient intake of vegetables, grains,lack of exercise to promote metabolism,Lead to accumulation of acidic substances of the meat in the human body,acid appears easy to make the body function disorders,therefore, modern people should eat more alkaline foods and adjust their body's pH.

Plum vinegar is a good alkali food,can prevent the acidity of blood and body fluids,maintain a healthy alkaline state,promote the excretion of waste.Plum vinegar to adjust the pH of the body, if itself is very easy to be mosquito bites, lack of energy, that plum vinegar drink to be used to improve.

Benefits of drinking Miracle naturally organic brewed plum vinegar:

1.Plum vinegar contains of citric acid, malic acid, Succinate acid, canpromote human metabolism, gets rid of waste, it can relieve the accumulation of lactic acid burnout, reduce fatigue.

2.Enhance immunity, improve acidic.

3.Reduce the burden of the liver, and also to strengthen the liver, promote bile to help liver metabolism.

4.Prevent kidney and bladder stones, and blood pressure.

5.To promote liver and kidney function, can break down gout, uric acid caused by uric acid crystals to ease the pain in the limbs, anti-inflammatory analgesic antipyretic.

6.Prevention of atherosclerosis, which leads to stroke.


7.Promote appetite,enhance gastrointestinal motility, improve constipation and diarrhea

8.Plum vinegar canrelieve food poisoning, both characteristics of blood poisoning and water intoxication, is. a healthy food that strengthen the liver

9.Plum vinegar itself contains a variety of minerals and organic acids, canstrengthen the immune system, promote metabolism, reduce fatigue, anti-aging.

10.Consume together with the Super Wild honey drink, canenhance renal function, activation of cells, restoring youthful. 


Every 30-50 cc, five times the diluted with water,half of the direction for children

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