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Miracle Organic Brewed Brown Rice Vinegar 375ml

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Miracle Organic brewed brown rice vinegar, muddy in color, when it stationary a slight yellow glow, has precipitate, have fermented sour smell. have slight natural fragrance, Soft gentle in mouth, mouth full with saliva after meal, throat refreshing, Do not choking nose. Organic Brewed brown rice vinegar contains 20 kinds of amino acids; 8 which is not synthesized by the body's essential amino acids. Vinegar acid Is an alkaline food, can balance alkaline acidic.

Benefits of consume Miracle rganic Brewed Brown Rice vinegar

1. can enhance the immune system and kill bacteria.

2. eliminate edema, metabolic toxins, resistance to radiation.

3. to increase blood circulation, purify the blood, promoting metabolism.

4. antioxidant, to prevent black spot production, slow down aging.

5. strengthen liver function, improved physical fitness, Except on sick treatment.

6. helps calcium absorption, reduce osteoporosis, calm the nerves and help to eliminate insomnia .

7. reduce fatigue, help digestion, improve nutrition absorption.

8. lower blood lipids, helps inhibit fat formation, can be slim, anti-high blood pressure.

9. whitening beauty, enhance skin metabolism, and reduce wrinkles.

10. supplementary human nutrition, helps the body absorb nutrients, in addition for diseases.

Japan is the longevity States, Just because the Japanese put the cooked rice, vegetables, fish, meat is sprinkled with brown rice vinegar, almost every meal is the case, so everyone was full of energy, fleet Footed, seems to be no fat people.

Miracle Organic Brown Rice Vinegar is the best material for a variety of brewed enzymes. A bottle of brown rice vinegar with a bottle + fruit + 200g Wild Honey made of enzymes, no alcohol, Put it aside for fermentation for 14 days, you can drink; Both easy to make, and health and safety, is the best drink for family size.

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