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Miracle Organic Brewed Nutrient Enzyme 375ml

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Nutrient Vinegar is the vinegar that had fermented for a long time, the beneficial substance such as amino acid, dietary fibre, vitamins will be left at the bottom of the container.Because the nutrient in the raw material is being extract completely, then it is being broken down into simple substance and trace element, thus it is easily for the body to absorb, and to complement the human body needs, to achieve therapeutic effects, and so has significant effects on the poor metabolic diseases.

Miracle Organic Nutrient Vinegar, milky white and thick, fermented from brown rice ,have precipitation in the lower part of the urn; rich in vitamins A, D, E, K, amino acids, minerals, organic acids and enzymes.It helps metabolism ,is holy goods for skin, have some effect on various skin diseases, but also adjust the management function of the body to maintain health.

Benefits of Miracle Nutrient Vinegar

1.Improve the ecology of bacteria, wipe the Nutrient Vinegar on skin, can make changes in bacteria activities on skin, play the role ofsterilization; same blood circulation, promote metabolism active, then the skin becomes white.

2.Break down foodfor the body to use stored energy, nutrition can fully recharge, but also to maintain the body alkaline, antioxidant, and enhance liver function; with the effectiveness of anti-aging

3.Nutrient Vinegar canlowered blood pressure, cholesterol, activate cells, purify blood, improve blood pressure, dilate blood vessels and prevent cardiovascular disease, balance blood sugar and prevent diabetes.

4.Long-term drinking with Wild Royal Honey, caneliminate fatigue, improve shoulders, joints, neuropathic pain, especially frozen shoulders.

5.Beautify the skin, skin whitening, anti-aging, aging woman neck is the most easily in poor maintenance of the site, it is easy to reveal the secrets of a woman ages.Maintenance of the face every night before going to sleep is the most effective way to do : Wild Royal Honey a spoon, a tablespoon of Nutrient Vinegar, Flower of salt mix and apply on neck or face; minimum 15 minutes, then wipe away it; face will appear red, Is the normal blood circulation; you will notice it's miracle after 3 months continuously.To strengthen the cosmetic results equipped Wild Royal Honey and drink , effect is more significant; recommended direction is one table spoon dilute with 5 times of water..

6.Nutrient Vinegar coupled with the Miracle organic plum vinegar and Miracle Super Wild honey, canrelieve effect of uric acid and rheumatoid joint pain.

7.Nutrient Vinegarweight-lossmethod: Using nutrient vinegar with wild honey before meals can reduce appetite, the American University Experimental results show those three meals a day prior to a tablespoon of Nutrient Vinegar and a tablespoon of honey, plus 5 times diluted with water for drinking, can loss 2-3 kg per month.

8.Intake aftermeal can promote fat metabolism.Can lower blood sugarand insulin, to accelerate the decomposition of fat.

9.Vinegar is a warm food, have convergence effect, can relax bowel,eliminate grease, suitable for people who have swelling on body.

10.Sprinkle a tablespoon of Nutrient Vinegar on cooked meal, not only delicious, health, but also full health effects.

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