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Miracle Naturally Brewed Soy Sauce 375ml

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Miracle Naturally Brewed Soy Sauce use organic soybeans, wheat bran, salt, mountain spring water brewed liquid seasoning, black and bright brown color, has a unique sauce fragrant.In cooking put in a certain amount of soy sauce, increase the food's flavor and color ,make it more attractive to increase appetite and promote pan after the soy sauce, this can be effective in the amino acids and nutrients can be retained.

Miracle Naturally Brewed Soy Sauce can antipyretic, reduce stress, seasoning appetizer effect. It contains different retinol; this special material can reduce cholesterol and reduce the incidence of cardiovascular disease.Singapore Institute of Food Research found that soy can produce a natural antioxidant.It can help fight free radical damage to the human body, its efficacy than common vitamin C and E and other antioxidants in the Big Ten times. Achieved with a little soy sauce, inhibit free radical effects, comparable with a glass of red wine. Food and proper way: increased slightly, whilst cooking, each 10 to 30 ml.

Great high-quality soy sauce, dark red-brown radiate bright, not cloudy, no precipitation, no mold flowers floating membrane, rich sauce, delicious, salty medium, no smell.Miracle Naturally Brewed Soy Sauce has these characteristics.Sauce should be stored in a cool dry place and avoid contact with air.Three thousand years ago, our ancestors know how to brewed soy sauce.The first sauce is cattle, sheep, deer and fish meat fermented animal protein, and then gradually switches to beans and vegetable protein grain brewing.Steamed soybeans, mixing flour, inoculated with a mold and let it ferment raw wool.After being exposure under the sun and rain,raw materials in the decomposition of protein and starch to change into a soy sauce taste delicious.

Soy sauce is several amino acids, sugars, aromatic esters and salt solution. Its color is also very good looking, can promote appetite.In addition to brewed soy sauce, there is a chemical soy sauce.It was decomposed with hydrochloric acid in soy protein, into a single amino acid, alkali and then, add some brown sugar as a coloring agent to make the chemical soy sauce.This sauce, taste as delicious. But it is far less nutritional value of soy sauce.

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