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3M Nexcare Cold Hot Back & Abdomen Belt (1pc)

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Product Details:
  • Reusable cold and hot belt compress with Thinsultate™ insultation belt for back and abdomen pain relief therapy.
  • Thinsulate™ insultation helps retain the constant temperature of the compress longer than ordinary covers
  • When hot: use to reduce muscular tension and bring relaxation to the aching area
  • When cold: use to reduce swelling and inflammation

Directions For Use:

1. Preparation for cold therapy: Store the pack (without cover) in a freezer or in the ice compartment of a refrigerator so it is ready to use when needed.

2. Using cold therapy: Insert pack in cover or wrap in cloth. Apply as long as is comfortable, but no longer than a twenty minute period. Then leave the treated area uncovered for twenty minutes before reapplying the pack.

3. Preparation for hot therapy (water): Bring to boil sufficient water to cover the pack. Remove the water from the heat and immerse the pack for about 5 to 6 minutes.

4. Preparation for hot therapy (microwave oven): Lay pack flat in the microwave oven. Heat packs in 3 intervals of 30 seconds each, followed by 1 interval of 15 seconds. Remove pack carefully from microwave and briefly knead the pack after each interval to distribute heat evenly. Check for desired temperature. Repeat this process until the desired temperature is reached. To reheat, place pack back in microwave for 15 second intervals until desired temperature is reached. Knead pack again to distribute heat.

5. Using hot therapy: Check integrity of pack. Insert pack in cover or wrap in cloth. Check for desired temperature by carefully placing covered pack against forearm. If too hot, let cool. When comfortable, apply to desired area for as long as is comfortable. Generally the pack needs re-warming between 30 and 60 minutes. Remove pack if it becomes uncomfortable.

Caution: For unknown, or not infinitely variable microwave oven power, please use the lowest power setting (defrost setting) and warm up the product in 30 seconds steps. Never heat the packs when folded or creased as leakage may result. Packs may be damanged by overheating. Do not heat in an oven or grill. Before using on the skin, the ColdHot Pack should be wrapped in a clean cloth or in the cover provided.

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This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 28 August, 2013.

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