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After Surgery

Chantiva Tablet Haruan SS Plus 450mg (60 tablets)

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Haruan is an obligatory air-breather and predaceous fish that resides in swamps, slow-flowing streams and in crevices near riverbanks in Malaysia and Asia. In taxonomy, it belong to the family Channidae, and its scientific name is Channa striatus (C.straitus).

Haruan is consumed for its dietary proteins. Nevertheless, it is also consumed as a remedy for healing of wound. Haruan has been reported to enhance dermal wound healing, to reduce post-operative pain and discomfort, and in the treatment of skin conditions such as eczema. However this is a new clinical trials indicating therapeutic effect on primary knee osteoarthritis patients.

Health Benefits Of Channa Striatus (Haruan)
1. Wound Healing Properties:
> The wound healing properties of haruan are attributed to its fatty acid and amino acid composition. Haruan's mucus and tissue extracts are found to contain high amount of amino acids especially glycine and arachidonicacid. These two are reported to promote wound healing by initiating collagen synthesis and re-epithelialisation in damaged tissues. Hence, haruan extracts are recommended for post operative wound healing as well as post pregnancy rehabilitation. Haruan is known to produce polyunsaturated fatty acis which regulate prostaglandin synthesis inducing wound healing.

2. Antimicrobial Properties:
> Though plan are still the centre of new screening for altenative agents to allopathy, due to problems of antibiotic resistance, side effects and limited efficacy, scientists are looking into animal based resources and no doubt, Haruan is one of the promising candidates. As a part of the wound healing process, antimicrobial activity is equally important.

3. Antinociceptive Properties:
> Haruan is used to treat skin diseases like eczema that is refractory to standard medical treatment. Relief from pain and irritation is one of the reported benefits for those taking haruan fish. Mat Jais et al. investigated the antinociceptive effects in mice with a view to establishing the scientific basis of pain-relieving activities, where the study showed that both the fillet and mucus extracts were found to exhibit a concentration dependent antinociceptive activity.

4. Osteoarthritic Properties:
> Haruan were being used by people all over the world for arthritis treatment. One of the scientific report by Ganabadi is that haruan extract improved the density of PGP9.5-immunoreactive nerve fibres in the synovial membrane in rat model and proved to be better than the other traditional fish Zingiber officinale. Ng Yeen et al. studied the effects of orally administered haruan extract in rabbits experimentally induced osteoarthritis.

5. Cardiological Effects:
> The skin extract called shol fish skin extract (SFSE) has been found to contain potent active compound, cardiotoxic fator II (CTF-II), with hypotensive effect and cardiotoxic property that influence the increase in cardiac marker enzyme creatine phosphokinase. Characterization of protein hydrolysates from muscle and myofibrillar samples of haruan showed different kinetic and proteolytic activities and the results led to isolation of angiotensin converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitor peptides with high ACE- inhibitory activity, further supporting the use of haruan as a functional food and preventative medicine for hypertensive patients.

> this is a traditional formulation traditionally uses for healing of wound, relief of joint and muscular pain.

> Every 450mg tablet contains: Channa Straitus 200mg, Semen Nigella Sativa 8mg

Recommended Dosage:
> small cut 80mg
> operation 200mg
> osteoarthritis 500mg

Direction for use:
> take 2 tablets in the morning and 2 tablets at night after food with water

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