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HYLO-GEL 10ml/300 drops

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What is HYLO GEL?
HYLO GEL is a sterile ,phosphate and preservative -free solution containing 2mg/ml sodium hyaluronate ,a citrate buffer,sorbitol and water.

What is HYLO-GEL used for?
HYLO-GEL is an eye drop for the intensive ,therapeutic lubrication of the ocular surface in more severe and persistent dry eye sensation including treatment after surgical procedures.

When should HYLO-GEL be used?
HYLO-GEL contains the sodium salt of the hyaluronic acid,a natural substances found in many organs of the human body including the eye.Its special property is that it forms a regular,stable and long lasting,lubricating and moisturising film on the eye surface that is not easily rinsed off.This so-called bioddhesive property ensures that the cornea and conjuctiva are protected and together with the physiologic tears the eye lid slides over the surface of the eye.HYLO-GEL contains a higher amount of sodium hyaluronate which makes it more viscous and in so doing the eye is provided with an intensive,soothing and long lasting moisturising film.Persistent or more severe symptoms are relieved and the eye is protected against futher irritation.

Due to surgical interventions on the eye or after eye injuries the physiologic tear secrection may be decreased.A continuous mouisturising of the surface of the eye is necessary for the regeneration of the eyes tissues.By applying HYLO-GELsupplementary moisturising and lubrication is supplied to cornea and conjunctiva so that the physiologic wound healing process is optimal.

Being preservative free HYLO-GEL is usuallyvery well tolerated.Additionally HYLO;GEL is free of phosphates so that possible complications due to the formation of insoluble deposits in the cornea are avoided.

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