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i-PAD (NF1200)

RM7,200.00  RM6,480.00
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The i-PAD (NF1200) is an easy to use AED-Automated External Defibrillator that can be operated by virtually anyone.
This rugged and versatile AED unit offers unmatched ease of use through more comprehensive voice instructions and rescuer support by an easy to follow built-in graphical guide.

When every second counts in a critical rescue situation, this intelligent defibrillator will remind, automatically adjust,
and guide you with loud and clear voice instructions the proper and quick steps needed to save a life.

The i-PAD features a simple 2 button operation, "defibrillation shock" and "i button" for CPR coaching during rescue.
In stand by mode, its automatic daily, weekly, and monthly self-test thoroughly checks its reliability. A simple periodic visual check in the status indicator is all that is needed to know the i-PAD is ready-to-rescue.

i-PAD, Specially designed for the public usage is now introduced.

i-PAD has been developed by a view of how easily the public can use. With this view, we do not only focus on the ease of use and simple operation but trustable systems.

i-PAD offers special features that even laypersons would not hesitate to save people around them. Clear and loud voice instructions with LED indicator are the only ones you need to follow. i-PAD tests itself daily, weekly and monthly to be ready for the rescue of anyone at anytime and anywhere.

i-PAD's latest, biphasic waveform has effective resuscitation and even protect the patient. i-PAD directs you to do CPR by voice instruction once the first shock has been delivered. This combination of i-PAD and CPR will make the survival rate soared up dramatically to keep the patient safe.

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This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 11 July, 2012.

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