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Pain Gone Pen

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Fast, Effective, Drug-Free Pain Relief

PainGone is unlike any other product on the market
It allows the user to relieve all types of chronic pain without using drugs, leads pads, or gels - just a simple 30 second treatment straight to the point of pain.

Shaped like a large pen, PainGone is practial, fast to work and easy to use. It functions on the principles of Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (also known as TENS or TNS) but, unlike ordinary TENS machines, it has no wires or sticky pads and can be used anywhere, anytime.

PainGone uses a low-frequency electrical charge produced by a piezo-crystal to provide prolonged pain relief which is clinically proven to work. Remarkably, it requires no batteries for its operation.

Clinical Evidence

Arthrosis, Treatment of the Knee
By Dr. Ole Asbjorn, GP, MD.
PainGone seems to have an effect which is on the same level as drugs. PainGone can therefore be an alternative pain killing treatment to patients waiting for an operation.

Tennis Elbow
Treatmennt of Acute Tennis Elbow
By Dr.
Ole Asbjorn, GP, MD.
76% of the patients had effects ranging from good to excellent pain relief. "PainGone is effective as a painkiller and is a good supplement to other treatments."

Dr. Med. Bernt Fesers Study
carried out tests on sufferers of spine syndromes, elbow pain, sciatica, knee arthrosis and phantom-limb pain. The percentage of patients experiencing temporary or continuous pain relief after the use of PainGone ranged from 50%- 86.7%.

Dr Reka Puskas, October 2004, Rheumatologis, Budapest Hospital

"We have established the effectiveness of using PainGone, it is an effective device for chronic pain suffering patients. Because it is handy and easy to use, it can contribute to an improvement in the quality of life for patients who respond well to treatment."

Technical Information

- Piezo Electric Therapy
- Dimensions: 132 x 20 x 20mm
- Weight: 30g
- Frequency: 1-2Hz Manual Operation
- Output voltage: Nominal 15Kv
- Battery powered: No
- Product Life: Average 1 to 2 years
- Treatment duration: 30-60 seconds
- Frequency of Treatment: As often as required
- Maintenance: No significant maintenance required
- Accessories: None required
- CE Marked Class IIa Medical Device


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