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Western Comefree Smoothing Eye Mask (1pc)


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CF-911 Comefree Smoothing Eye Mask




Distilled water?Trimethylene glycol
Commodity Characteristic


  1. Cold gelatin makes the affable pressure and restores wearily?For the persons of using the computer for a long time, to drive frequently, reading, to eliminate, the eye edema, the dark pouches to be especially suitable sleepily
  2. 2. The ice compress may stop pain promptly, stop itch, stops fever, the eye edema, wearily and so on, its curative effect as depth of the inner layer and the blood vessel, affable rapid.
  3. The hot compress may use in the affable nose to fill, the face improves looks, the expansion wool pore.
  4. The dual purpose spreads the pad, may coldly supply, the hot two therapies, may repeat the use.
  5. Contains the unique gelatin, heats in the high temperature or the low temperature refrigeration, still might maintain soft and comfortable, might be curving along with the bodily radian
  6. Suturing place after special handling, dense original firm, is not easy to burst.
  7. Attaches the pad in the box, may protect the skin to avoid hurt directly.

Application Method

  1. Cold compress?Put in the freezer about 60mins or freezing compartment for 10mins?can keep cold for 40mins.
  2. Foment?Put in 85? hot water for 3 to 5 mins, can keep warm 30mins.

If uses the microwave oven to heat up, then is spreads the pad to be smooth evenly puts in the microwave oven, and selects the low microwave to heat up as far as possible, suggest heated time is: The 450W -> 30 seconds, take out the wrap to enter the pad or by the towel package to use.


  1. The skin sensitivity spreads may use the towel or the handkerchief wraps the blinkers eyes-muffle, avoids the skin hurt.
  2. Do not put in boiling hot water.
  3. Do not use when the liquid releases.
  4. The liquid leaks gets wet the skin, please use the clear water to flush;
  5. If has ill please namely to go to check with a doctor.

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