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Privado Care For Men Genital Wash Cream 50g


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We manufacture penis hygiene and enhancement cream using natural herbal ingredients

Discover why more men are turning to PivadoCare For Men™, 100% natural penis maintenance cream for hygiene and penis enhancement ?

PivadoCare For Men™ is No 1 Men’s Cream in the world for safe and natural penis maintenance. PivadoCare For Men™ uses unique ingredient of fatty extract of amino acid alanine from mudskipper fish (Periophthalmodon Schlosseri)  for improving  penis hygiene and penis strength


Male genital organ is often abused and overused but leased concerned by men. Disturbed structural and physical strength slowly leads to impotence. That explains why more than 100 million men worldwide are suffering from some degree of erectile dysfunction and looking for some solution. In 2025, ED was projected to double to 322 million (Source ~ Aytac, Mckinlay& Krane RJ Study published in

So, please pay attention to your penis and take care of your penis before its too late !

The market is flooded with so many solution for penis enhancement. Why I should buy PivadoCare For Men™?


Understand how PivadoCare For Men™ improve your love and sex life by understanding some facts about your internal organ.


The penis is a vascular organ and does not contain muscles. Its made of 6,000 over tiny veins. It enlarges when the cavernous spaces and the trabeculae are filled with blood during tumescence.The penis has no fat layer, only lax connective tissue that facilitates skin movement over the thick covering during erection and intercourse.

Penis size/dimension depends on the filling up of the trabaculae spaces of the penile smooth muscle fibers by blood during erection and the power of the pelvic floor muscle

PivadoCare For Men™ the genital care cream formula for men contains the protein and fatty extract of the fish Periopthalmodon schlosseri (known as mudskipper) that contains the non- essential amino acid alanine that is important in the synthesis of pyruvate in the energy cycle of the muscle fibers.

The energy fuel ATP provides active relaxation of smooth muscle fibers and tissue expansion and when exposed in the trabeculae of the penile smooth muscles, the smooth muscle relaxes thereby facilitate expansion of the trabeculae and expansion of the penile structures.

PivadoCare For Men™ is 100% SAFE

Please drop your concern regarding the safety of PivadoCare For Men™ as the product is Notified with Health Ministry of Malaysia and tested for Penile Irritation under ISO10993-10. In addition, the product is also clinically evaluated for safety and efficacy by a professional independent medical doctor. Dr. Rubina Sharif Khan.

How to distribute the product ?

Email us for distribution inquiry in your country. Visit for more details of the product. We provide alll the necesssary documentation and free samples for evalautaion and registration.  

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