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For Liver

Mepha - Simepar (40 capsules)

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  • Each capsule contains silymarin 70 mg, vitamins B1 HCl 4 mg, B2 4 mg, nicotinamide 12 mg, vitamin B6 HCl 4 mg, calcium pantothenate 8 mg and vitamin B12 (cyanocobalamin) 1.2 mcg.

Mechanism of Action

  • The silymarin contained in Simepar was first isolated in 1959 by B. Janiak and R. Haensel from Our Lady's Thistle (Carduus marianus), a medicinal plant which has been known for >2000 years. The therapeutic action of Simepar is based on its effect on the permeability of the liver cell membrane and on the excretory and metabolic function of the liver.
  • The specific vitamins of the B-complex form a functional unit in the intermediate metabolism. Experiments have shown them to exert a protective effect on the liver through their enzymatic influence on protein and carbohydrate metabolism. They accelerate the reparation of damaged liver parenchyma, and thus promote the organ's detoxifying action. Moreover, the vitamin B-complex content in the case of hepatopathy is greatly reduced due to a loss of the storage capacity of the tissue. Such deficiencies are compensated by the administration of the B-complex vitamins contained in Simepar.


  • Silymarin, vitamin B-complex.


  • As an adjuvant to treatment in chronic liver disease: Liver cirrhosis and fatty liver.
  • For the protection of the liver in cases of intoxication (eg, alcohol abuse) and chronic disorders imposing a strain upon the liver.


  • Unless otherwise instructed by the doctor, a dosage of 3 x 1 cap/day after meals is recommended.
  • For follow-up treatment the dosage can be reduced to 1-2 caps/day.


  • Should be taken with food.

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This product was added to our catalog on Friday 05 August, 2011.

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