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For Cholesterol

Bio-Life BG Barley 25 (510g)

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Beta Glucans

  What Is Barley Beta Glucans?

Beta-glucans are the soluble fibers found in cereal grains such as barley. Of all cereal grains, barley is the richest source of beta-glucan, with grain kernels containing about 3-11% by weight, compared to 3-7% in oats and less than 1% in wheat.

Beta-glucans are found naturally in the cell walls of hulled barley, which retains and contains more fibre and nutrients compared to the common barley which is normally used for cooking.

  How Does Beta-Glucan Work?

When beta-glucans are taken, they essentially form a gel-like solution in the small intestine that slows down the absorption of cholesterol, fats and glucose from the food we take - resulting in lower levels in the blood.



 Beta-Glucan And Healthy Cholesterol

  • Scientific evidence shows that beta-glucan significantly lowers blood cholesterol level and reduces the risk of heart disease. Consumption of diets containing 3 - 6g/day of barley beta-glucans have been shown to lower/reduce blood cholesterol (1,2,3).


  • The FDA have already authorised the health claim for barley β-glucan in reducing risks of cardiovascular disease.

 Beta-Glucan And Blood Sugar Management

  • With its low Glycemic Index, barley beta-glucan slows the digestion of food and the absorption of nutrient such as glucose in the small intestine – facilitating blood sugar regulation (4,5)

 Satiety & Weight Management

  • Beta-glucan fibre forms a gel-like solution that fills the stomach & decreases appetite


  • Promotes growth of healthy bacteria in the large intestine

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q : Why barley beta-glucans?

A : Barley is the richest cereal source of beta-glucans, with grain kernel containing about 3-11% by weight, compared to 3-7% in oats and less than 1% in wheat.

Q : Is it safe to take long term?

A : Yes, this product is safe to take long term.

Q : Are there any side effects associated with barley beta-glucan?

A : Main ingredient of BG Barley 25 is fiber and as such in some people it may cause flatulence, particularly if an individual already consumes a high-fiber diet.

Q : Can I take BG Barley 25 if I am pregnant?

A : It is always advised to consult your healthcare professional before using any form of dietary supplement if you are pregnant or nursing.

Q : Is BG Barley 25 also beneficial to diabetics?

A : Barley Beta-Glucan slows down the absorption of sugar into the blood stream, helps to avoid sugar peaks and modulate blood sugar levels after meals.

Q : How soon should I begin to see an improvement in my cholesterol levels?

A : Taking at least 1 scoop of BG Barley 25 everyday, you should begin to see an improvement within 4 – 6 weeks with controlled diet and regular exercise.

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