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For Memory

Memoria (50ml x 6 )

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 MemoriaTM is an innovative drink containing memory booster herbs, American Ginseng CereboostTM, Bacopa BacoMind® with Vitamin C that is specially formulated to provide benefits for all.

sharpen your mind  When taken on a regular basis the active ingredients in MemoriaTM are scientifically proven to support a broad-spectrum of actions that increases cognitive functions and to further enhance cognitive performance. When combined with a healthy lifestyle and balance diet, MemoriaTM provides positive support to individuals who experience:

· A lack of focus or mental sharpness

· Difficulty concentrating or paying attention

· Memory problems caused by everyday stress or ageing

unique formula specially designed for

· Students

· Stressful /Overworked executives

· Individuals with active lifestyle and unhealthy diet

· Ageing seniors


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This product was added to our catalog on Saturday 07 July, 2012.

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