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For Memory

Vitalise Gincosan (30 capsules)

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Gincosan® .Vitalise

Gincosan® is the best choice for brainworkers of every age who want to improve mental performance or prevent age-related memory problems such as lack of concentration and lack of alertness or mental “fogginess”, students, businessmen and women, seniors and anyone who has to multi task.

The product

Gincosan® is a natural combination of extracts from ginkgo biloba and ginseng, that improves mental performance in terms of attention, concentration and memory.


  • Improves cognitive functions, particularly those related to memory and mental performance, like mental capacity and endurance
  • Prevents mental fatigue and improves retention of information
  • Combats lack of concentration and lack of attention
  • Reduces forgetfulness


One capsule contains:

  • 60 mg standardised GK501® Ginkgo biloba extract
  • 100 mg standardised G115® Panax ginseng extract

One combination - double power

Gincosan® is a unique, powerful combination of two standardised plant extracts that actively support mental vitality in a natural way. Clinical trials have shown that the combination of ginkgo and ginseng is more effective than just ginkgo biloba extract alone. Ginkgo enhances the oxygen supply to the brain and ginseng improves its utilisation by brain cells.

Galenical forms

Gincosan® is available as hard gelatine capsules in glass bottles of 30 and blister of 30, 60, 100.


2 capsules daily.

Additional information

Oxygen is the brain's energy source. Twenty percent of all the oxygen taken up by the body is used by the brain. Even a small reduction of oxygen supply can impair the brain’s efficiency. Mental stimulation, physical exercise and fresh air counteract memory and attention problems.

Gincosan® is suitable for long-term treatment.

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