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For Bones

Shine Elgucare-N Capsule (90's collagen capsule)

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ELGUCARE-N capsule

90ís Collagen Capsule

Elgucare-N Capsule†is a supplement formulated from Chinese herbal. The formula was designed in accordance with fundamental principles of Chinese Medicine.

It is traditionally used to relieve symptoms like panasthenia, chronic headaches for unknown reasons, migraines, stiffness of the neck, impaired memory, insomnia, allergies and dizziness triggered by compression of cervical vertebrae.

The main pharmacological effects are dilating the blood vessels to improve blood flow, restoring the fibro-elastic potential of vertebral cartilages, improving bodyís immune system and enhance cells healing properties. It is specially formulated for those who wish to take care for upper spine, relieves shoulder and neck pain.

Each capsule contains:


Salvia Miltiorrhiza Bge. Radix


Lycopodium clavatum L., herba


Ziziphus jujube Mill. Var. inermis (Bge.) Rehd. Fruit


Gastrodia elata Blume rhizome


Rhodiola sacra radix


Angelica dahurica Bentham et Hook., radix


Ligusticum chuanxiong Hortorum, rhizome




Traditionally used for relieving pains of neck, shoulder and arm.


Made of natural herbs and contains no excipients

A super micro-powder using latest technology to improve and speed up its absorption in our body

Superior safety and effectiveness proven, suitable for everyday use without side-effects

Dosage & Administration:

To improve bone's condition:†2 capsules 3†times daily before meal.

As food supplement:1†capsule 3†times daily before meal

Warning:†It is not recommended for women to take the product during the first 2 days of menses.

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