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For Bones

Bone-M BioScience (20g X 15pkt)

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Bone-M BioScience
The Latest German Biotechnology


Hydrolysed Collagen - Exclusive and Complete Bone Formula 
- Easily Absorbed - Stimulate Production of Collagen
- Potent Anti-Oxidant & Anti-inflammatory

Bone-M ... The Long Waited Solution for Bone & Joint Problems

Longrich Bone-M is made using German biotechnology. The key ingredients are synergistically blended, this includes 3,000 Dalton fine hydrolysed collagen and potent anti-inflammatory mangosteen essence which are easily absorbed by our body, bones, tendons and connective tissues as well as escalates the regeneration of cartilage tissue.

What is Collagen and Hydrolysed Collagen?

Collagen is a protein or a chain of amino acids, fibrous in nature that connects and supports cells and tissues in our body. It is the most abundant protein in the human body (make up about 25% of protein in the body). It is mostly found in fibrous tissues (skin, tendon and ligament), bone, cartilage, blood vessel and cornea. The fibroblast is the most common cell which produces collagen. 

Hydrolysed Collagen
 (also known as collagen hydrolysate) is produced by hydrolysis of collagen, a natural process that breaks down the molecular bonds between individual collagen strands. This process reduces the molecular size from 300,000 Dalton (Da) into smaller molecule, 2,000 and 5,000 Da. Collagen and Hydrolysed collagen have no difference in the amino acid content. Glycine and proline/hydroxypoline form almost 50% of the total amino acid content in hydrolysed collagen. This make hydrolised collagen to have Glysine and Proline at least 20 times higher than most of other proteins and this feature becomes an important role hydrolised collagen in stimulating production of collagen. 
(Ref: Oessar,,
 Cell &. Tissue Research 311:393-9; March 2003).

 Bone-M and the German Biotechnology

German collagen technology had started about 100 years ago. They are the first who started to use collagen in food industry, when collagen casing was used to produce sausages in the 1930's based on research by German scientists. We have today, Bone-M with hydrolysed collagen developed using patented German biotechnology. There have been research and clinical studies on hydrolysed collagen done by German University Hospital of Kiel that show positive effects of collagen in regenerating cartilage cells. This technology reduces the collagen molecular size from 300,000 Dalton to 3,000 Dalton for better absorption and faster healing. A long waited solution for people with bone and joints problems. Bone-M is the research and formulated remedy for bone health, joint repair and cartilage regeneration

Main Ingredients of Bone-M

- An Exclusive and Complete Formula for Bone

1. Hydrolysed Collagen -Hydrolysed Collagen is a very important ingredient in Bone-M. Molecular size of 3,000 Dalton and easily absorb. Hydrolysed collgen accumulates in cartilage and is able to stimulate chondrocyte metabolisme,. A 20g sachet of Bone-M contains almost 50% hydrolysed collagen.

2. Mangosteen Essence -The rind has been found to contain the compounds alpha-mangostin, beta mangostin, garcinone B and garcinone E, which collectively called xanthones. Xanthones has anti-inflammatory properties. It helps in the maintenance of our immune, promotes joint flexibility and is traditionally used to aid irritable bowel syndrom and improve skin conditions.

3. Anti-inflammatory Probiotic -Selected probiotic (Lactobacillus spp.) with anti-inflammation properties by increasing the IL-10 to prevent and treat rheumatoid arthritis.

4. Inulin -American Journal of Clinical Nutrition 2005; 82:471-476. Studies have shown that Inulin (Prebiotic) enhances calcium absorption, bone mineralization and increase bowel movement.

5. Calcium Lactate -Naturally found in milk, yogurt and cheeses, It is most commonly used in medicine to treat calcium deficiencies and is easily absorbed at various pHs, does not need to be taken with food for absorption for this reason. Without lactose and casein in milk, Bone-M is safe to be consumed by those who are lactose intolerance. Studies have shown that taking this milk mineral can significantly increase Bone Mineral Density.

6. Ascorbic Acid -Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid), a water soluble vitamin, is responsible for building collagen in bones, cartilage, muscle and blood vessels.

7. Mango Powder -Rich in phytochemicals, mangoes are excellence source of carotenoids (precursor of vitamin A), vitamin C and copper. The Institute of Food Science and Biotechnology, German, has found that compounds extracted from mango peels have potent anti-inflammatory capabilities.

8. Isomaltulose -Isomaltulose (or palatinose), the isomer of sucrose, is necessary for full mental and physical performance. Unlike sucrose, glucose molecules in isomaltulose are strongly bond results in low Glycemic Index (GI = 32). Therefore it is safe for diabetes and does not cause tooth decay. Isomaltulose allows slow absorption of glucose, stabilize glucose level (avoiding high peaks and sudden drop of glucose levels) and therefore stabilize insulin levels as well. Provide a constant, more balanced way and extended stream of energy out of its caloric value of 4 kcal/g over a longer period of time for muscles and brain. Currently there are many sport performance drinks are added with isomatulose.

9. Stevia -Stevia sweet leaves traditionally used as a natural sweetener, it has no calories are suitable for diabetes.

Normal & Damaged Joint Joint Treated with Bone-M

Who needs Bone-M?

Our joints always subjected to stress due to weight, body postures and physical activities. Our bones and joints are prone to damage or wear out in the longer period. Unfortunately, most of the time, nutrients in our food might be insufficient for our body to regenerate the cartilage that was worn out or totally lost.

Due to our diet and lifestyle, our body lost calcium everyday. Calcium is important to stabilize our blood pH at 7.35~7.45 so that our blood cells can carry enough oxygen. If the lost calcium is not replaced, our body will draw calcium out of the bones. This weakens the bone. Bone-M was developed to provide our structural system a complete nutrition, easily absorbed and utilized. Bone-M is an effective solution for joint pain and structural problems. Taking Bone-M can strengthen our structural system and prevent bones and joints degenerative problems.

Joint pain, stiffness and inflammation problems

The Elderly

People who are over weight - Body weight put load on knee joints

Long term high-heel shoe users

Those who are desire to have beautiful skin

People who do not exercise

Athletes or those active in sports

Injured bones and joints

Workers who use vibration tools or carry heavy loads.

* Long term consumption helps slow down aging process.

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