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Joint Care

Cartril-s 250mg capsules (100's)

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Per 250-mg cap Mild/moderate OA symptoms 2 cap bd for min. 6 wk. Severe OA symptoms Initially, 2 cap tds for min. 8 wk. Maintenance: 2 cap bd for 3-4 mth. To be repeated every other 6 mth or as directed. Per 500-mg cap Adult 1 cap bd for at least 6 wk. Duration of treatment: 3 mth. Treatment course may be repeated at 2 mthly intervals.

Product Description:
Cartril-S is a capsule printed with 'Cartril S' on cap and body of the capsule containing a creamy white powder.
Gelatin for capsule: bovine source certified with Halal certification.

Each capsules contains 314mg of Glucosamine Sulfate sodium equivalent to Glucosamine sulfate 250mg.
Preservatives: None

Pharmacological Action:
Glucosamine possesses arthrotrophic metabolic activity by stimulating the anabolic metabolism of osteocartilaginous tissues, through stimulation of the biosynthesis of the mucopolysaccharides (which are the essential components of the cartilage ground-substances) and of the bone mesenchymal tissues and improvement of the bone calcium intake. Lubricant activity through improvement of synovial fluid viscosity by increasing synovial fluid production.

The pharmacokinetics of glucosamine sulphate was investigated in 6 healthy male volunteers (2 per administration route) using 14C uniformly labelled glucosamine sulphate and administering it in single dose by intravenous (iv), intramuscular (im), or oral route. After oral administration a proportion close to 90% of glucosamine sulphate is absorbed. Free glucosamine is not detectable in plasma. The radioactivity incorporated in the plasma proteins follow pharmacokinetics patterns which are similar to those after iv or im administration, but its concentration in plasma is about 5 times smaller than that after parenteral administration. The AUC after oral administration is 26% of that after iv or im administration. The plasma levels of radioactivity investigations in rats and dogs showing that also in man glucosamine sulphate is prodrug for glucosamine that is well absorbed after oral administration and that diffuses into several tissues including bones and articular cartilages.

Adjunct therapy in Osteoarthritis.

Patients who are hypersensitive to Glucosamine.

Recommended Dosage:
  • Light or moderate osteoarthritis symptoms: 2 capsules taken twice daily for at least 6 weeks (or according to medical prescription.)
  • Severe osteoarthritis symptoms:
 > initial therapy: 2 capsules, 3 times daily during a period of at
  leas 8 weeks.
 > follow-up therapy: maintenance therapy should be followed for
  3-4 months (according to medical prescription) by
  administration of 2 capsules taken twice daily. the treatment
  should be repeated every other 6 months or less according to
  medical prescription. capsules should be taken 15 minutes
  before each meal.

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