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Vtox Zinnia Inner Cleanse (20 vege caps X 500mg) +FREE 10 caps

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 What Is Zinnia Inner Cleanse?                                                                                                                                                        

Zinnia Inner Cleanse is a detoxification product made from 100% natural herbs. It’s so simple and convenient to help you get rid of constipation and bloated tummy problem. 1 capsule of inner cleanse enough to expel 99% of stool from the body, your stomach no longer bloated! Except of that, it also help for slimming, eliminate bloating, lower blood sugar, lower blood pressure and etc. hurry to experience these amazing effects to regain your health and confidence! Compare with fiber product which can only expel 60% of stool, inner cleanse definitely will be your 1st choice! It gives you 100% satisfaction of bowel movement and slim fit results.  

The functions of Zinnia Inner Cleanse:

 Relieves Constipation

Inner_Cleanse_leaf Eliminates Belly

 Trim up & Eliminate ederma

 Reduce Bloating

 Fructus Crataegus Pinnatifida 

  • Improving Sleeping Effect
  • Prevent Of Blood Vessel
  • Expansion Of Blood Vessel
  • Improving Of Coronary Arteries Blood Flow
  • Improving Of Heart Viability
  • Lower Of Blood Pressure & Cholesterol
  • Soften Blood Vessel
  • Diuresis And Calm Effect
  • Maslinic Acid Also With Improve Heart Function
  • Good For Heart Diseases
  • Bellyache, Antifungal Effect

 Folium Camellia sinessis

  • Improve indigestion
  • Lipolysis
  • Reduce fat cells pile up
  • Antibiosis
  • Anti-aging
  • Hypolipidemic
  • Cancer prevention

Semen Plantage Asiantico

  • Diuresis Effect
  • Impervious Tonglin
  • Improve Eyesight
  • Dispelling Phlegm
  • Edema
  • Diarrhea Due To Summer Heat

zinnia inner cleanse capsule vs fiber

Zinnia Inner Cleanse VS Fiber Product

zinnia inner cleanse

  Inner Cleanse vs 3 Major type of Toxins                                                                                                            

Generally toxins are substances that are harmful and cause negative effects to the human body. Internal toxins are : free radicals, fecal stasis, cholesterol, fat, uric acid, polluted water and blood.

Everyone has different levels of toxins in their bodies. Everyone need to breath, drink water and eat food from the moment we born, the growth of the human body comes hand in hand with aging, which means our body will have toxins as long as we live. Therefore, once they reach a certain quantity, toxins in our body will seriously threaten our health. Immunity levels will deteriorate, fatigue will occur and life-threatening diseases will occur (under severe circumstances). It clear that we need detoxification on a long-term basis.

1. Skin Surface Toxicity

Skin surface toxins begin from impeded pores, which will cause a person to be easily attacked by the wind cold syndrome. This decreases their immunity levels, and causes dirt and dark spots to form on the skin.

2. Blood Toxicity

Blood toxicity will caused poor circulation & the inability to warm & nourish one’s four limbs. Fat and cholesterol will be deposited around blood vessel walls and form arteriosclerosis & unstable blood pressure, among others. Excessive levels of the blood acidity substances algogene will cause pain to whole body. i.e. rheumatism. The presence of such symptoms proves that when body toxins start accumulating in excess, pathological changes begin to show.

3. Intestinal Toxicity

Intestinal toxicity begins from constipation. Symptoms such as constipation, distension of the abdomen, halitosis skin spots, insomnia and mental fatigue will occur when cumulative toxins in the intestinal tracts have been absorbed.

  Ingredients & Dosage                                                                                                                                           


  • Fructus Crataegus pinnatifida 180mg
  • Folium Camellia Sinensis 90mg
  • Semen Plantago Asiatico 90mg
  • Semen Cassia Tora 80mg
  • Spica Prunella Vulgaris 60mg 

Safe & Effective

  • Natural And Safe
  • No Laxative
  • No Colouring, Preservatives And Additives


  • Pregnant Women & Children fasts
  • Keep out of reach of children


  • Store in a dry place & below 30°C.
  • Keep out of reach of children.

Usage Guide


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