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Miracle Organic Brewed Black Bean Vinegar 375ml

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Many people will ask what the difference between naturally brewed black bean vinegar is and soak black bean vinegar.Pure black bean vinegar is use its black soybean aspergillosis,after 18 months of long fermentation process,to extract out the nutrient in the black beanmore importantly is to extract the trace elements in the Green kernel completely without any damage,your drink into the stomach without digestion by gastric juice fermented absorption, but directly to the body to absorb,is also an important theory of pure fermented vinegar.

While soybean milk mix with vinegar or soak black bean vinegar,only can rely on vinegar to extract the nutrient in black bean, this cannot extract out the trace element and amino acid,thus no peptide and 18 amino acid extract out from the aspergillosis of the black bean.So if you wanted to drink black bean vinegar,Miracle naturally organic brewed Black Bean Vinegar is the best choice.

The benefits of pure brewed black bean vinegar:

1.Purify the blood, prevent tumor growth, removal of bad blood cholesterol, burn fat, prevent hypertension and cerebral thrombosis.

2.Have AdvancedWrinkle Reducer, bright eyesight, black hair, slow aging, a rejuvenation effect.Black bean vinegar is rich in antioxidants of anthocyanin, and beneficial vitamins A which is good for eyes;these two important nutrients not only to alleviate eye fatigue, but also to help prevent vision loss.

3.Tostrengthen kidney function, to edema; to promote normal bowel movements and eliminate constipation.

4.Prevention of women's diseases, treatment frequent urination, back ache, vaginal discharge excessive female tonic .

5.Improve Bronchitis.Can adjust allergic system and relieve asthma and respiratory symptoms.

6.Calcium supplementationon menopausal women to prevent osteoporosis and joint deterioration.Improve the symptoms of menopause and the effects of endocrine disorders.


Each 30cc-60cc, plus five times the water, half of the description for children. To add texture and absorption of the enzyme can increase slightly with Wild Honey.

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