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Miracle Bamboo Salt (6 baked) 200gm

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Miracle Bamboo Salt(Does not contain sulfide)

Bamboosalt with special efficacy in health maintenance has been the Korean’s favoriteseasoning ingredient.  

MiracleBamboo Salt is made by inserting natural sea salt acquired from the westcoastal of Korea into three-year-old raw bamboos, which will be put in loesskiln and baked in high temperature with pine tree fire wood. As a result, itintegrates the medical efficacy of bamboo, loess, turpentine and other naturalmaterials that bring great results to wellness.

Koreanwomen are usually having good skin texture; this is mainly contributed by theirdaily consumption of bamboo salt and its related products. Ingesting bamboosalt can help bowel cleansing and digestive disorder. Bamboo salt can be an anti-inflammatoryand anti-toxic agent when applied externally. Besides, it also effective forslimming, reducing body fat and improving our body’s pH level.

Bamboo salt massageprevents edema

Humanbody tends to have excessive water retention, body fat and accumulated toxic thatcause edema. Spread bamboo salt evenly on your body and massage it on the skin gently.Pay more attention to your thigh, abdomen and buttocks. By continuing massagingwith bamboo salt, your body will become lighter due to elimination of water andeventually, reduce your body weight.

Neutralizing heavy metaltoxic

Bamboosalt contains many natural micro elements and turpentine that can neutralize heavymetal toxic. This has been proven by many scientific experiments. In addition, bamboosalt can radiate far infrared ray which has proven result in removing heavymetal toxic.

Eliminatebacteria, virus and other toxins

BambooSalt is anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and has amazing efficacy in neutralizingtoxic, suitable for both ingestion and external use.

Reduce blood lipids, cholesterol,acidic poison and other toxins.

Bamboosalt can eradicate these toxins completely and purifying blood and body.

Bamboosalt can resolve constipation problem and help discharge toxic stool

Ingestingbamboo salt can help remove stubborn stool and toxic.

Body Self-healing

Bamboosalt can improve body homeostasis, and thus regulate body self-healing and rehabilitation.

Bamboosalt acts as anti oxidant, clean out free radical, restore energy

Bamboosalt can release lots of electron, block free radical and heal damaged cells causedby free radical. It has great results in achieving anti oxidation and antiaging.

Consumebamboo salt in the morning and honey at night to improve health

Consumea cup of bamboo salt water (1 teaspoon of bamboo salt and pure water) every morningwith empty stomach will improve bowel movement. Bamboo salt has a good detoxificationfunction contributed by the refining technology. Drinks a cup of honey at nightwill keep you healthy and beautiful.

Bamboosalt is an advance seasoning

Cookingyour dish with bamboo salt will make it more delicious and good for yourhealth.

***Hazard from Sulfide***

*Over consumptionof sulfide may lead to some negative symptoms such as headache, dizziness,chest tightness, shortness of breath, nausea, cough, etc. If severe may leadto edema.*

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