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Eterno For Men Genital Wash Gel 8g

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ETERNO FOR MEN is an herbal based genital hygiene gel used by adult men for cleanliness, endurance and confidence during sex 

Eterno for Men™ is a Wash Gel for hygiene of frenulum and help relief of hyper-sensitive skin (frenulum area)

  1. Effective in removing unpleasant penis odour (such as urine smell)
  2. Cleaning under the foreskin regularly will prevent the build-up of smegma, a foul smelling cheese- like substance, on the penis. Both circumcised and uncircumcised men can develop smegma, however it will accumulate faster in uncircumcised men due to the foreskin. Poor hygiene in uncircumcised men has also been linked to balanitis, which is inflammation of the penis.
  3. Relief of hyper-sensitivity. Frenulum is the most sensitive area of penis. By applying the gel at frenulum, you can soothe and comfort the frenulum area for a relief from hyper-sensitivity.
  4. Helps in improving endurance. Reduced hyper-sensitivity at frenulum area indirectly helps men to gain confidence to improve endurance and resistance during intimate relationship.

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This product was added to our catalog on Friday 25 April, 2014.

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