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Coenzyme Q10

Vitamode CoQ10 Ubiquinol 100mg (30 softgels X 2 box)

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What is Ubiquinol?
Ubiquinol is the converted (“reduced”), active form of Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) which is naturally produced by our body. Ubiquinol is an essential nutrient for cellular energy production and antioxidant protection. In a healthy adult, 90% or more of the total CoQ10 in the body is in the Ubiquinol form.

What is the Difference between CoQ10 and Ubiquinol?
CoQ10 is sometimes referred to as Ubiquinone. Ubiquinone and ubiquinol are both forms of CoQ10, and both are necessary to produce cellular energy. In order to generate cellular energy, the body must convert ubiquinone (inactive) into ubiquinol (active). Without this conversion, the body’s energy production process cannot be completed and energy levels cannot be sustained. Thus, both are critical to
sustaining your body’s natural energy.

Ubiquinol is simply the fully reduced state or the un-oxidized form of CoQ10, which the human body can immediately and more easily use for energy. Ubiquinol in its readily available state also provides greater antioxidant levels protecting cells from free radical damage.

Why Vitamode CoQ10 Ubiquinol?
Our body’s ability to produce CoQ10 and convert it into Ubiquinol significantly decreases as we age. Without proper levels of these vital substances, the body produces less energy and lacks a strong defense against oxidative stress. Ubiquinol levels have been shown to be suppressed in older individuals and those with cardiovascular, neurological, liver and diabetes related conditions. Because Ubiquinol is pre-converted, it is ready for immediate use by the body, making it ideal for those unable to efficiently reduce CoQ10 in the body.


About Vitamode CoQ10 Ubiquinol: The Difference

  • It is more absorbable than conventional CoQ10 and is clinically proven to provide superior bio-availability.
  • Formulated using Kaneka QHTM Ubiquinol, which is the world’s first and only bio-identical ubiquinol available as nutritional ingredient.
  • Ubiquinol is made exclusively in the USA by Kaneka Corporation, the leader in CoQ10 ingredients worldwide.
  • 100% natural CoQ10 made through yeast fermentation. Does not contain impurities compared to synthetic CoQ10 or CoQ10 made from tobacco leaves.
  • Manufactured to stringent cGMP standards in USA and conforms to stringent USP specifications for purity, potency and structure.

What can Vitamode CoQ10 Ubiquinol do for you?
Heart Health

  • Helps to maintain and promote a healthy heart.
  • Promotes vascular system health.
  • Helps to maintain blood pressure that is already within the normal range.
  • Replaces CoQ10 levels lowered by cholesterol-lowering statin drugs.
  • Improves glycemic control in type 2 diabetes patients.


  • Provides sustained, healthy energy.
  • is a key component in 95% of the body’s energy production.


  • It is the most powerful known lipid-soluble antioxidant.
  • Protecting the body’s cells from damage caused by oxidative stress and free radicals.
  • Naturally regenerates other antioxidants, such as Vitamins A and E.


How Much Vitamode CoQ10 Ubiquinol Should I Take?
The recommended daily dose of Ubiquinol varies based on each individual’s specific needs.

As a general guideline, start supplementing with 200-300 mg per day for the first 2–3 weeks. After that, 100 mg per day is a good amount to maintain an optimal Ubiquinol levels.


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administration to healthy volunteers. Regulatory Toxicology and Pharmacology. 47: 19-28.
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Kaneka Nutrients L.P. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Kaneka Corporation, headquartered in Japan. The company manufactures an array of unique nutritional ingredients for the supplement and food & beverage industries. Kaneka is the largest manufacturer of CoQ10 in the world, and the only company that manufactures CoQ10 in the U.S. Kaneka QH™ is ubiquinol, the reduced, active antioxidant form of Coenzyme Q10. Introduced in 2006, KanekaQH™ is the first supplemental form of bio-identical ubiquinol ever developed and is manufactured exclusively by Kaneka Corporation. It is derived from Kaneka Q10™, the world’s most recognized and researched CoQ10 for 30 years.

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