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D'Age Slender U (30 sachets)

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D'AGE™ Slender U

Slender U - Waist & Hip Sculpting Expert


•       Fastest Fat Burner

•       100% Natural and approved by US FDA

•       Natural Appetite Suppressant

•       Clinically researched and worldwide patents

•       Inches disappear naturally

What is Slender U?

Slender U is the fastest fat buster with 2,000mg clinical strength patented Garcinia Cambogia in every sachet.




Slender U FAQ

1.  What is the active ingredient of Slender? 

      Patented/ Activated Garcina Cambogia.


2.  What do you mean by clinical strength?

      In clinical studies of 5,000 patients minimum 1,500mg in every  single dose effectively

      reduce inches and burns fat ( body fat percentage down).


3.  What is the strength of other product in the market?

      500mg -1,000mg plus other fillers( eg; green coffe extract, l- carnitine) for detoxification effect.


4.  What is HCA?

      Hydroxy citric acid in our clinical studies anything less  than 60% doesn’t burns fat.


5.  What is the strength of HCA in other product?

      Less than 60%.For patented product anything fell short of 60% or even at 59.9% we throw it away.


6.  How does Slender U works?

      Burns fat reduce appetite and reduce inches around the arms, waist and hip.


7.  Do you have clinical study to support?

      Yes, and 19 international clinical papers.


8.  How soon can I see result?

     Minimum 1 month to see reduce in inches and reduce appetite in about 1 week.


9.  Is it halal?

     Yes, its certified Halal by JUM ( Jamiat Ulama-E- Maharashtra a non profit organization recognize by  Jakim Malaysia).


10. Any side effect?

       No, as its 100% Botanical extract.


11. How does it taste like?

       Kiwi Juice


12.  Why must I consume it 1 hour before my meal?

        It is very important to consume Slender U one hour before meal as Slender U will trigger a signal to your brain to suppress your appetite, Take Slender U 1 hour before meal will allow sufficient time  for your body to send the signal to your brain.


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