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For Liver

Mepha - Simepar (40 capsules)

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Simepar: double action - double protection of the liver! It normalizes the cell membrane and the structure of hepatocytes, has antioxidant effect, accelerates the regeneration of damaged liver parenchyma, thus enhances its detoxicate function and compensate for lack of B vitamins in the liver and the body that occurs as a result of reducing the ability of the liver in their accumulation in various hepatopathy, restores the biological substrates for the normal course of metabolic processes. From «Mepha» (Switzerland). The basic active substance is an extract of the fruitSIMEPAR thistle (silymarin: a mixture of three isomeric flavonoid compounds - silibinina, silidianina and silikristina) and vitamin complex (B1, B2, B6, B12, nicotinamide, and calcium pantothenate). Specific action of silymarin is to protect hepatocytes from aggression hepatotoxic agents to the stimulation of regeneration by activation of protein synthesis, preventing the degradation of cell membranes (membrane-stabilizing effect) due to binding of free radicals in liver tissue, improving cellular metabolism. Complex vitamins involved as coenzymes in redox reactions and various other carbohydrate and fat metabolism, normalizes metabolism. SIMEPARtake a preventive measure before the use of small doses of alcohol and fatty foods, during the course of treatment drugs, potentially harmful to the liver, as well as an antidote and hepatoprotector poisoning with household toxins or fungal toxins.

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