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Vertebra Stretching Balancer

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Environmental and habitual factors such as sitting posture, use of computer and reading while lying may cause “C-shaped” vertebra leading to diseases after a long period of time. Therefore, “Vertebra Stretching Balancer” that specially invented by Professr Xie Yue Xunaimed at maintaining waist curvature becomes a necessary approach towards health for modern people.

Statistic has shown that over 80% of adults had experienced backache and sore of waist while most of these are due to prolonged improper posture and lack of exercise.

Human beings are the only animal that can walk on two legs. Thus human vertebra always bears excessive loads and later it has developed into physiological curvatures of double ‘S’ to maintain balance of body. The more important thing is that vertebra is the pathway for nerves which link the communication between brain and organs. Any shifting or degeneration of vertebra will cause sore waist and backache, stiffness of shoulder and neck as well as deteriorated functions of organs, which will gradually develop into chronic diseases.

Modern technology of   21st century brings a lot of convenience to our daily life but this may not be beneficial for the health of vertebra. Cars, locomotives and lifts make us to walk less while soft, comfortable sofa and bed make us become slack. Improper postures of sitting and standing are very common, and these are the major factor for early ageing of vertebra causing sore waist and aching back, stiffness of shoulder and neck, deteriorated function of organs and increasing chronic diseases.

Sore waist and aching back is a warning sign for disease. Elimination of inflammation and pain will only solve the problem temporarily but this will never cure the problem thoroughly. Proper care of vertebra is the best approach for health.

Commonly seen vertebra diseases such as sprained waist, bony spicules, chondrophyte, spondylosis, sciatica and degenerative arthritis can be healed through “ Xie’s Method of Vertebral Healthcare Therapy” without the need for medication, injection or surgery. As“Backache is the cause for many diseases; vertebral  care can eliminate these!”.

Good communication between brain and organs is essential for body’s health. Otherwise, one will get sick. Nervous network is the link of communication between brain and organs whereas vertebra is the pathway for nerves. Human vertebra is in a straight line in the front view while it is two ‘S’ curvatures in the side view, which are the cervical curve and the lumbar curve. These curvatures should not become straight or “C-shaped”, otherwise the nerves will be compressed resulting in aching, numbness and even pathological changes of organs.

9 Function:

  1. Balance Spinal Position
  2. Low Back Pain
  3. Release Muscle Tension, Reduce Pressure in Between Spinal Bone
  4. Increase Lung Oxygen Level, Improve Blood Circulation
  5. Realign Spinal Position
  6. Similar to massage treatment & Improve Blood Circulation
  7. Strengthen & Improves The Performance of The Lower Back & Spine
  8. Improve Back & Spinal Problem
  9. Restores the normal “double S” physiology bending

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